Soft Skills in a Hard Industry….

As an Engineer and Manager on construction sites across the United Kingdom, I was managed by hundreds of people and worked with thousands more.

Anybody who has worked in a management position in the construction industry will know the challenges that are faced on a daily basis. An ever-changing dangerous landscape of hazards and risks that must to be managed to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of every shift.

Extreme weather conditions can turn a site or work activity into a life threatening environment that no method statement or risk assessment can truly anticipate.

It’s understandable that a change in the physical environment also has an affect an individual and team’s morale, mental well-being, productivity and efficiency. Being outside in the cold and wet soon has an impact on your attitude and mental well-being.

Managing the budget and programme on a project are important in any industry/organisation but when you add into the mix managing hazards and risks that could lead to serious injuries and possible fatality I’m sure you will agree its a difficult role.

Due to the altering landscape it is impossible for one person to manage safety, it is imperative that everyone is involved in monitoring the risks and hazards.

This highlights the importance of softer skills (communication, social and people) in the construction industry to engage the workforce to be the eyes and ears on site and not only leave it to managers and supervisors to address safety risks and hazards.

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