Leadership in Construction – CIOB recommendations

In 2008, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) conducted a survey around the topic of Leadership. The research examined the issue from the perspective of managers and directors within the construction industry, many of whom work in companies that employ more than 500 people.

The results from this research show that there is a strong case for construction companies to invest more in leadership development programmes tailored specifically for construction industry professionals.

These leadership development programmes should include education and training (particularly communication skills and general management training), work experience, mentoring schemes and secondment programmes. They should also include strategies for identifying the leaders of the future, and for rewarding and celebrating success.

The CIOB believes that if the industry is to develop leaders of the future, then construction must look to positively develop its working cultures; and break down any organisational barriers that don’t recognise, and provide opportunities for those that show leadership potential.

The research identified that recognition of effective and successful leaders within the construction industry would help to promote leadership and inspire others. Self motivation and inspiration were regarded as key factors in developing leadership potential. Celebrating and communicating leadership success, which raises an individual’s profile should also be continued where it exists, and developed where it doesn’t.

Remember this survey was completed in companies with 500 or more employees (that also had the ability and budgets to invest in training) What is the situation with companies that employee less than 500????

See the full survey results here – CIOB Leadership in Construction


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